Testimonials from satisfied customers

From our first operating days as a business, positive comments have been constantly pouring in.
Here are a few we wanted to share with you!


Your honey is delicious! My boyfriend, who doesn’t usually comment on the taste of this product, upon tasting suddenly got sparkling eyes and said, “WOW! It is really good!! It tastes like fine herbs!”.

Geneviève Bélanger, St-Georges-de-Beauce

The first member of our family to taste your product is the little Ariane. Her words were: “I find it delicious the bee’s honey! ” As for us, we were impressed by the complexity of the taste compared to the grocery store’s stuff… A real delight! Bravo!!

Philippe Jacques, Québec

My LARGE jar is finished and I want more. It’s pure happiness on my toast in the morning!!

Christine Marcotte, Pont-Rouge

My family loves honey and yours is indisputably the BEST!

Laurianne Baril, Donnacona

A little note to tell you that I bought your honey last weekend and discovered a sublime taste! I love this product and we consume a lot of it. It’s cleat that yours is of superior quality. Congratulations to you and your precious little bees!

Nancy Tanguay, South Shore of Quebec


I quite liked the Asclepius’s Honey. I wish you long life and above all that your product gets to be known because it works!

Carolle Cousineau, St-Eustache

I love your Asclepius’s Honey Immune 25PLUS, I take it regularly … It is a great discovery.

Carole Paris

Your Honey Immune 25PLUS follows me everywhere!! I often suggest it to my friends!

Maryse Naud, St-Ubalde

A cold has taken hold of me recently and I am using your immunity 25PLUS product. It’s amazing, and actually really works. This is the second time I beat a cold with your product… Thank you!

Laurette Lévy, Montréal

(Morpheus’s Honey – Good Night)

Josée-Anne Sarazin-Côté, Life Coach

Natural deodorants

I bought your P’tite Nature deodorant and i’is really great!! It is effective throughout the day and on top of it, it smells good !!!

Andrée Martin-Lambert, Trois-Rivières

We met you at the Deschambault market this summer and we liked your products, especially the deodorant that really, really works well. Now, we always want to have some and sometimes even offer it as a gift.

Denis Faucher, Mont St-Hilaire

Can I find your products somewhere in Quebec City? I bought your deodorant at the Public Market of Deschambault and I love it!

Louise Guay, Québec

I love your deodorant and I tell all my friends about it.

Anabelle Martin