It’s winter, it’s cold and everyone just wants to be warm. It’s fine and good to wear a tuque and mittens, but they only warm the outside. Here is a recipe for spiced mulled wine created by Aliksir essential oils that will brighten warm you from the inside out in the middle of January.

This spiced mulled wine recipe is quick to prepare and absolutely delicious!

For 6 to 8 servings  |  Preparation time: 10 min.

500 ml red wine
2 tablespoons raw honey
2 tablespoons Tchai Synergy
4 drops of sweet orange oil
(GO or EO)

1. Pour the wine in a saucepan and warm over very low heat. Don’t let it boil.

2. In a separate cup, add the orange oil and Synergy Tchaï to the honey. Mix well until everything is homogeneous.

3. When the wine is hot, add the honey mixture and mix well. Adjust to taste if needed.

4. Serve hot and enjoy in front of a good fire or while contemplating snow falling outside.

NB. It is also possible to add other ingredients such as vanilla extract, anise essential water, gourmet pepper oil, pieces of orange or cinnamon bark, etc.