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This section is actually closed

Unfortunately we are not offering our services for the 2019 beekeeping season. Since we are moving our office and planning to open our store in next July, it mobilise most of our time and energy. We thank you for your interest in Ferme apicole Mosaïque and we hope to be available for you next summer.


Extraction service

Beekeepers know that it’s not always easy to extract honey from home. Although this is possible with basic equipment, it can still be difficult and messy. Therefore, we offer to facilitate your work with our customized extraction service.

Wax casting

If honey extraction can be a messy step, so can the melting and cleaning of wax! That’s why we’ll be happy to do it for you. The result: a filtered wax, clean and ready for use.

Beekeeping consulting services

Are you interested in taking care of your own hives? Use our expertise to help you meet your beekeeping challenges.

Capturing swarms

A swarm of bees is hanging out too close? No problem, contact us and we will get rid of the swarm in no time! Note that we can also deal with wasp nests.

Nuclei sale

We offer nucleus derived from a Quebec genetic line. An accompanying package, which is highly recommended for beginners, is also offered.

Local Pollination

You have an orchard and you want to see your fruit production thrive? It will be our pleasure to give you a hand by bringing our bees at the time of flowering.

For more informations…

To find out about our rates and the details of our services, please download one of the documents below. If you are interested in moving forward, simply complete the appropriate form and send it back to us at apiculture@fermemosaique.com.