The holidays are fast approaching along with delicious foods in copious amounts. That’s why we offer a recipe that will help you digest all these victuals! This granita can be served between two services or as a light dessert on its own. In all cases, you’ll be delighted by the experience.

You can serve the granita with or without alcohol. Gargantua Honey alone gives a delightful flavour to the granita and stands alone wonderfully. If you choose to booze-up your granita, it turns into a “Trou Normand”, also called the “middle shot”. You can use various types of alcohol such as gin, grappa or calvados (the alcohol originally used to prepare Norman holes).

Now you are all set to go through the holidays without flinching, all the while impressing your loved ones!

For 2 or 3 portions  |  Preparation time: 5 min.  |  Freezing time: 3.5 hours or more

1 cup of water
Optional: 1/2 oz of alcohol
(volume to your taste)
Mix the water and Gargantua Honey until the honey is completely dissolved. Pour into a bowl and place in the freezer for a few hours (≈ 3.5h). Stir the mixture two or three times during freezing (especially towards the end) until a crushed ice consistency is obtained. Simple as that, you have a granita!
Consume between two services to refresh the palate and promote digestion.
For the addition of alcohol, there is no real recipe, just note that the more you put, the quicker the granita will melt.