Why Mosaic?

First of all, we are beekeepers, but we are not just that. We are also craftsmen who work to make the products of the hive known to their true value. We are artists, travelers and ecologists who believe in our convictions and are working hard to make our world a better place. Finally, the Mosaic is all this put together, it is the culmination of our skills, our values, our activities and our products together as one.

A bit of history

It all started when Eloi, our chief beekeeper, got his first hives. As a hobby, beekeeping quickly turned into passion. That is why he persuaded those who were going to become partners to start a beekeeping business. On their side, Max was ripe to change his career path and Kawina saw an opportunity to exploit her interests for natural products.

In May 2015, we officially joined forces to set up a company in our own image. In founding Ferme apicole Mosaïque, we ensured that we made concrete gestures in line with our aspirations. For us, it is important to raise public awareness of the health issues of bees, to use natural products on a daily basis and to eat well. We are also convinced that it is necessary to take an eco-responsible turn as a society.

Our absolute priority still remains the care and needs of our bees. That’s why each location for our apiaries is meticulously chosen. That is, far from monocultures, with access to water, forest and a great floral diversity. Although our geographical location prevents our access to Biological Certification, those techniques are rigorously studied and applied. This is why we are proud to claim ourselves ecoresponsible beekeepers.

Our team

Éloi Ferland

Beekeeper, beekeeping manager and consultant

My role is to take care of my bees. And there’s a lot of work to do around that! Every action I take, all of the small daily rituals that make my profession a lifestyle, take shape within the farm. What attracts me in this adventure is the diversity of my routine and the satisfaction of the artisan. I find myself spending time with an insect that opens my eyes to what surrounds me, which pushes me to know the local flora and the environmental stakes. All this to finally offer a product of my “terroir” with unique value, and on a human scale. That’s what first inspired me to work for beekeepers. This is also what drives me to transform the raw materials from the hive and create high-quality natural products.

Over the years, I have also discovered a trend for old crafts. I enjoy several disciplines such as forging, cutlery, wood carving, wood turning and cabinet making. All disciplines where the artisan is at the heart of the work!

Maxime Deschesnes

Beekeeper, administrator, graphic designer and marketing director

I had been working as a graphic designer for over ten years when I finally decided to surrender. Although I like my trade, spending so much time in front of a computer screen has never been quite fit for me. This is the main reason why I decided to try my hand at beekeeping, a profession that is more in line with my values and basic needs. Moreover, I never thought I would be so fascinated by the world of bees. The latter is so complex and complete at the same time. It is in a way the very reflection of nature, an element with which I feel myself. I now understand why beekeepers would made that choice.

Apart from this important change in career, I also founded a family, which now occupies the number one position in my life. The rest of the time, if any, I spend working on renovation and wood-working projects. In other words, I never get bored!

Kawina Robichaud, PhD

Director of research and development, transformation manager

I grew up in the Yukon, surrounded by nature where I learned a lot about the traditional uses of plants. My Bachelor’s degree science then helped me gain insight into their biological components. Within the company, I am responsible for the research and development of new products and the supervision of their production. Currently I am completing my doctoral studies on the rehabilitation of contaminated soils.

My work on the farm is complementary to my studies and I dream of incorporating a greater research component within the company one day! In my spare time I like to play in the great outdoors, I also maintain a large vegetable garden and implant medicinal and food-plants all around our home…