Ferme Apicole Mosaique - Miel - produits apicoles - soins corporels

Our mission

Ferme apicole Mosaique is an innovative and artisanal apiary that works to put forward the role of the bee and the products of the hive. We offer high-quality products from the hive and bee-inspired such as a beautiful assortment of honey, beeswax candles and natural cosmetics.
All is conducted in an ecoresponsible environment and practice.

The team behind the Mosaic

Maxime Deschesnes

Graphic Designer & Marketing Director

Éloi Ferland

Head Beekeeper
Beekeeping Manager
Beekeeping Consultant

Kawina Robichaud, PhD

Research and Development Director
Manager of the Transformation Sector

Our team

Who are we?

Maxime Deschesnes

Marketing and Communications 
Graphic Designer

Éloi Ferland

Head Beekeeper
Beekeeping Manager
Beekeeping Consultant

Kawina Robichaud

Research and Development Director
Manager of the Transformation Sector

Awards and Recognition

As soon as Ferme apicole Mosaïque was founded, we already had the wind in our sails.
Here are some prizes and distinctions as proof!

Logo Caisse Populaire Desjardins

Entreprends tes rêves Entrepreneurship Contest
2015-2016 Edition

Winner of the contest in the Startup category. Prizes awarded to Nine young companies (all categories) out of 144 applications.

Logo OSEntreprendre

OSEntreprendre Challenge
Édition 2015-2016

Our company distinguished itself by winning the first local prize in the Agri-food category.

Logo Marché Deschambault

Deschambault Public Market
Season 2015

It was with great pride that we won the Public’s Choice Award at the Producers’ Night. In our opinion, this is the best price a company can earn.


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A few testimonials

(Translated from french)
Your honey! It seems like you’ve infused it with flowers! Whenever I taste it, I go nuts! As for the crystallization, it’s true, it remains spreadable. The bar is high. I’m sold.

Jean Bellefleur, Rivière-du-Loup

I went to the St-Raymond Market this summer to get your deodorant. I just wanted to tell you that I’m disappointed ……not to have known you before! Seriously since I use your deodorant I have not had any bad odors!

Louise Duchesne, Saint-Raymond-de-Portneuf

I bought your raw honey at Metro St-Marc and I love it, I want nothing to do with other brands now. Thank you Ferme apicole Mosaique and good continuation to you!

Nick, Trainer Massage Therapist

I spent my life going from one deo to another, playing sports and having to wash all the time because the smell did not go away. Yet I have been working in a natural store for years and have tried quite a few all-natural deodorants on the market. They worked, but for short periods only. I bought your lavender fragrance, at first I was skeptical, but I must admit that after testing it on really hot days and with sports, I give it a 9.5 out of 10!

Manon Séguin, Montreal

I fell in love with your honey and your deodorant, they are great! You have such awesome products !!

Sophie Beau, Pont-Rouge

Honestly, since I tried your lavender deodorant, I could not do without it!

Krystel Marylène Papineau